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100 Club winners

100 Club winners

By Jane Sharman
31 August
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The '100' Club runs every month to raise funds for STCC whilst providing members with a chance of winning one of eight cash prizes.

Please find below the lucky winners of the STCC 100 Club for the months of July and August 2021:
1st prize: £50.00 - Gill Loveridge
2nd prize: £45.00 - Andrew Preston
3rd prize: £40.00 - Christopher James
4th prize: £30.00 - Tom Butler
5th prize: £21.50 - Emily Bradshaw
6th prize: £18.00 - Sean Dudley
7th prize: £15.00 - Eric Hill
8th prize: £12.00 - Harry Sharman
1st prize: £50.00 - Sarah-Jane Carpenter
2nd prize: £45.00 - Pat Green
3rd prize: £40.00 - Sarah-Jane Carpenter
4th prize: £30.00 - Ian Parker
5th prize: £22.50 - John Scullion
6th prize: £18.00 - Mark Barber
7th prize: £15.00 - Keith Heaps
8th prize: £12.00 - Michael Weston-Webb

Prizes will be sent directly to all winners.
Thanks to everyone who entered the draw and good luck for next month!

If you are not a member it is never too late to join. PLEASE consider supporting us.
It costs just £1 a month per number to enter and there are 8 cash prizes given away each month!
Sign up today here

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